Head and lower arms: 50th Anniversary Outback
Torso and upper legs: 50th Anniversary Shipwreck
Upper arms: Slaughters Marauders Taurus
Lower legs: ROC Pit Commando
Webgear: Retaliation wave 1 Flint

This is my second modern Outback custom. My first had a similar build, but used the arms from a 50th Anniversary Shipwreck. I was never satisfied with that, as the original ARAH Outback figure was incredibly muscular and the Shipwreck arms were more average. However I was not happy with the 50th Anniversary Outback that Hasbro put out because of numerous proportion issues, including his head being outlandishly small for the Roadblock torso. The answer came in using the Taurus upper arms and 50th Outback lower arms in combination. He now looks muscular, but not overly tall or wide.

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