Head: Legacy General Obi Wan

Body: Marauder Task Force with pockets sanded off and peg holes filled

Cape: Force Awakens Kylo Ren

Orb: marble

Brain: stress ball, lego, label, grenade clips, ML lil Groot

Ego started out as a background character for the eventual Nebula photoshoot. I was just going to create a stand-in, but then the BFS body nailed a lot of the costume right out of the gate. The angry Obi Wan head worked perfectly for the final battle. But what really did it for me was Lance Sputnik showing me his Ultimate Kylo Ren with the swappable heads. Until then I didn't know what to use for Ego's cape.

When the Lunartix Empire once attempted tried colonize Ego. Despite parts of himself being on other worlds, he treated them as fleas on a dog's back. They marked all jumps as an inhospitable planet.

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