Used a bsg figure as a base. Cobra Trooper Black Mask Silver Logo based on the GI JOE 1983 series Marvel Legends style in a 6" Inch 1:12th Scale.

Custom sculpted and painted with professional non toxic sculpy and water based acrylic paints. D&D CUSTOMS PRESENTS - CUSTOM GI JOE MARVEL LEGENDS BLACK SERIES STYLE 6" 1:12th SCALE Cobra Trooper Black Mask Silver Logo.

Started this project a few years ago. All accessories are removable and mostly detach like the guns and grenades. Custom dremeling, tooling, sculpting, painting, color washing, and sealing converting 3&3/4 inch 1:18th GI Joe and Cobra line of the 1982 through 1988 series into a 6" inch 1:12th scale line. Almost finished with just a few more Joes left to go to complete the set. Click on my id name to view all of the 200 custom 6" Joes and Cobras I have posted.

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