Head: 25A Snake-Eyes (ninja apprentice outfit)
Torso: 25A Roadblock
Arms: 25A Serpentor
Legs: NS '05 Slice
Vest: Star Wars- Bespin Han Solo
Claw: 25A ???


Another Micro Force mini-figure upscaled to 1:18. The Han Solo vest is the center piece and I worked around it. The end result was a big, mean looking figure true to the feel of the sleeveless mini-figure. Beast Ninja Tracker seems like a character existing in that narrow overlap world of being both stealthy and massively built. With no information released on the Micro Force characters, it's not clear if BNT is an army builder or an individual character. I treated the custom as an individual character.

Colors & Paints:

Based on the mini-figure. Whoever designed the mini-figure was pulling from Kraven the Hunter, Sabretooth, and Wolverine. The figure has a vest, a fur collar, and three claw blades. To downplay the Wolverine angle, the claws are metallic black instead of silver. The eyebrows are painted thick to look less like Snake-Eyes.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head was glued high on the neck post, with more mass added for a bulkier neck. The fur collar is sculpted. Mass and material folds were added to the upper legs to balance out the bulk of the upper body. The mid-torso articulation gap and the thigh screw insets are epoxy sculpted smooth. The arms are also locked in place at the elbows and smoothed to create a more fluid look.

Thanks for looking.

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