Head: NS Dusty
Torso (above waist), arms, hands: Star Wars- Death Star Gunner
Skirt: NS Cobra Commander
Torso (below waist): 25A Ripper
Legs: NS Dr. Mindbender (scientist outfit)
Helmet: Star Wars The Clone Wars- Padme w/faceplate added
Holstered firearm: Star Wars- Vintage blaster from various figures
Uzi: ???


The leader of the Red Shadows, Baron Ironblood was in Palitoy's Action Force line. In AF comics lore, he sadly became Cobra Commander, as Hasbro's toys overtook the Palitoy ones, morphing AF into GI Joe. It's best to just imagine the character as Baron Ironblood with no relation to Cobra Commander.


This is my 300th custom in the gallery! I went with a classic character. I made another Baron Ironblood custom back in 2009. For that custom, I went for an altered colored set, using a charcoal grey uniform instead of the traditional white one. It still holds up for what it is, but for this go round I went back to basics and dropped Baron Ironblood back in his traditional costume. There's something unsettling about a villain wearing what looks like a "clean room suit" at a quick glance. Unlike my earlier dark grey custom, this white custom also gives Baron Ironblood back his thigh length jacket, often shown in Battle Action Force. As a customizer who frequently makes customs with only five points of articulation, I do enjoy the Palitoy Baron Ironblood just fine. But I wanted to push it a bit more towards some of the artistic depictions than the original figure did, hence the new custom.

And, yes... the ridiculous helmet. The Dusty head is well sculpted, but tiny. This accommodates the helmet to make it as small as possible.

The Palitoy Baron Ironblood came with an Uzi (for earlier versions). I didn't have a Snake-Eyes/Steeler Uzi to use, but I found another one.

As a nod to Palitoy reusing Kenner Star Wars gear for Action Force figures, I used a vintage Star Wars blaster for Baron Ironblood's holstered sidearm. This particular blaster wasn't used for Action Force (as best I can tell), but it matches the overall design more than other blasters would have.

Have you ever put two unrelated parts together and it seemed like they should have always been paired? The Death Star Gunner and the Cobra Commander skirt couldn't have fit together better. The skirt prevents much leg movement at the hips, but the visual is so good that I don't mind. All of the parts had to be a bit spindly in order to not look like arctic gear when painted white.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the Palitoy action figure. White, red, and black. The white of the uniform is actually light grey with several washes of white. This leaves some contrast, making it easier to photograph. The sidearm is white to complement the sterile feel of the uniform.

The hair is light grey with white at the temples, giving it a bit more nuance than the Palitoy one-tone hair color. Likewise, the mustache is not black but dark grey.

On my previous Red Shadow customs I've hand painted on the RS logo, never quite getting it right. Here I tried a printout instead.

Sculpting & Modifying:

As much as I hate the helmet, I cobbled one together. I suppose it's important to the character, even though it looks like a cross between a stove pipe and a welder's mask. The base for the helmet is a Padme hat, with a faceplate added. The faceplate is made of plastic cut from a pen tube, with epoxy added to the front for the details.

The Ripper torso was cut at the waist. The Death Star Gunner was glued to the Ripper lower torso. The oversized empty holster was cut from the skirt piece and replaced with the blaster with a built-around holster. The holster is very minimal, like a skeletal holster, to show as much of the vintage Star Wars blaster as possible.

Thanks for looking.

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