Head: Star Wars- '80 Princess Leia (Bespin outfit)
Neck: 25A Destro (IG uniform) cast
Chest/back, waist: NS Baroness
Arms: DCIH- Wonder Girl
Hands: ???
Legs: NS Lady Jaye
Utility Belt: ROC Agent Helix
Pouches: ROC Ice Viper push molds
Machine pistol: NS ???
Knife: ???


The winner of the Hasbro/Kindle Words contest, Stiletto became a GI Joe figure in 2016. The story of Mercer's defection was retconned to include Stiletto as his co-defector. I prefer to think of the character as another Cobra soldier who broke ranks, as Mercer did, but on her own. Stiletto didn't end up as a Joe. She's adrift, with no direct allegiances.


Here's my custom version in mostly NS format. I modeled it more after the pre-production artwork (not the pre-production figure) for Stiletto more than Hasbro's final half-assed product. The loose and long hair strands, bare arms, and trousers pulled down over the boots were artwork elements. The Wonder Girl arms lack any elbow or outward articulation, keeping the sculpting for the musculature fluid and clean. The downside is that it limited weapons choices to smaller ones that would look plausible with one-arm support.

The Princess Leia head is the first time I've used a classic Star Wars figure head. The head on Hasbro's Stiletto wasn't good to begin with, and further hurt by a lackluster paint job. The Princess Leia head is a decent stand-in for the Hasbro Stiletto head, which featured long braids going down the back. It certainly has better facial sculpting. Although the Princess Leia has a curled up braids, it still works as a "variation of the day" for Stiletto's hair.

The ROC two-sword Storm Shadow backpack just didn't quite look right with the rest of the figure, so I dumped Stiletto's sword shtick.

Colors & Paint:

Loosely based on the pre-production figure images. The burgundy used on torso seen in the early images looked better than the purple on the actual release, although I went for a cherry black. The lower half is a more subdued green, if a bit mintier than I had intended.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The neck is cast, and slimmed down. The leg straps are sculpted, with push molds for the pouches. The loop scarf is sculpted. The hands were removed and replaced with larger ones.

Thanks for looking.

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