All parts and accessories - Aero-Viper

Before I ever saw an Aero-Viper in real life, I saw the character in GI Joe #92 ("Thunderclap!"). There was a panel in that issue (which I've included a pic of here) that I always found really cool, with the Aero-Viper having a gold and silver helmet gleaming in the sun. I've always loved that panel, and wanted to reproduce the effect as best I could on the figure. The Aero-Viper helmet is a dull gold colour, so to I used Tamiya gold leaf paint, and a Molotow liquid chrome pen to make it as shiny as possible. I put a thin coat of water-based varnish on the whole thing, and while this does reduce the shine of the chrome very slightly, it means that it won't get smudged from the tiniest touch of a finger. I also painted a few details on the figure, but the helmet is the real star of the show here.

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