Head: 25A Baroness
Alternate helmeted head: 25A BAT
Torso, arms: Resolute Scarlett
Legs: 25A Lady Jaye
Motorcycle: ???


Eagle Force, MASK, Centurions, even Tony Stark. All non-GI Joe characters that could be plausibly linked to GI Joe. Jonny Quest characters also fall into this category. Well, maybe not but I've made them anyway. Jonny and Hadji are no longer the misadventure-prone teenagers we once saw, but are now young professionals. Jonny Quest as a GI Joe team member and Hadji, following in the footsteps of Race Bannon, as an NSA operative. Jessie Bannon, daughter of Race Bannon, is a character introduced in the 1990's The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest cartoon.


Other customizers, such as Dr. Bindy, have done amazing work with these characters. This is my take. With Jessie Bannon being an athletic good guy adventurer, a uniform akin to a motorcycle racing suit fits the character. The BAT head is both feminine and sturdy-looking enough to use for a helmeted head, with a new faceplate added. Once I came up with the overall design, a motorcycle was needed.

This is a figure with a big flaw I didn't see until I painted it and assembled it. The shape of the hair and shoulder knife doesn't allow the head to position any lower on the neck. This gives the figure a craning giraffe neck.

Colors & Painting:

Pulling from the palettes of the Galoob Silent Storm Jessie Bannon figure and the animated appearances. The BAT helmet has a dark faceplate against a lighter helmet, to reverse the traditional look, in which BATs have silver faceplates against black helmets. The only exception to this is easily-forgotten arctic BAT. The helmet is also painted with a blue center, whereas BATs have just had solid helmets. Thanks to everyone on joecustoms.com and hisstank.com who voted for this color set.

The Baroness has a well-sculpted hair piece, but there are large gaps between it and the head. To keep it from looking like the head is bald on the sides, I painted them to match the hair piece. It doesn't entirely fix the problem, but it's better than leaving the sides of the head flesh colored.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The glasses were removed from the Baroness face, with the area re-worked to look smooth. The face turned out pretty well. But the absence of the glasses creates too much empty space between the face and the hairline.

About the motorcycle:

I have no idea which crappy knock-off line the motorcycle is from. It has no company name or production year on it. It seems like I picked it up around 2005, give or take a few years. I know nothing of motorcycles, but visually they tend to fall into three major designs: Harley style, crotch rocket style, and dirt bike style. This one is 70% crotch rocket and 30% Harley style. A pretty good fit for the character as I see it.

Thanks for looking.

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