Head: Galoob B.A. 1984
Torso: Roadblock (v14) 2005 - modified
Lower-Arms: Roadblock (v2) 1986
Upper-Arms: Rock & Roll (v2) 1989
Waist: Law (v1) 1987
Upper-Legs: Hardball (v1) 1988
Lower-legs: Tracker (v1) 1991 - modified

Necklaces are made from (fake) golden children's bracelets.

BOSCO ALBERT "BAD ATTITUDE" BARACUS is the A-TEAM's highly skilled mechanic, that has an amazing talent for making impressive machinery out of just about any ordinary parts. He received his initial training in the Jamaican Defense Force. B.A. is an excellent fighter, invaluable in hand-to-hand combat. Because of his massive size and strength, he has a unique fighting tactic, which involves lifting his opponents over his head and hurling them in the air. He is easily angered to the point of rage, especially when he learns his milk has been drugged again, in order to get him inside an airplane. B. A. drives a customized 1983 GMC van and he is extremely protective of his van. He prefers to drive the van himself although the other members of the team frequently drive the van for a variety of reasons, generally when B. A. was otherwise indisposed. He often says, "Nobody drives my van, but me!"

HANNIBAL: "With a pair of pliers and a little time, you could fix anything but dinner."

I think we can all agree that the 1984 Galoob versions of the A-Team where close to criminally insulting to one of the most iconic fiction ever made. So I challenged myself: To give the Galoob heads Hasbro-bodies that they deserve!

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