Head: Hit N Run 50th
Torso: RoC Duke, Poc Beach Head
Arms: Rock duke
Web gear: Raginspoon Cast

During Resurgence 2, Broadside was kidnapped in the prologue story by Cobra, that was written by JoeCustoms Alum Charles Cushman (aka Raptor). If you followed along with the story that was being told, you learned that he was experimented on by Glitch and transformed into a Cobra, and was the driver of the DeBugger that was created by KeepItCleanCustoms. A fun way to bring him back to the team (after his rescue at the end of Part 2), drastically different due to his encounter with Cobra and Glitch. The idea that I wanted to finish his storyline was the catalyst to creating the Mission Brazil set.

I built the figure first, the head came later on. I used a 50th Hit N Run head due to the lack of hair and wanting to try sculpting some, and for the scowl, as I wanted to convey the anger in him. I cut up a lot of random kibble to make the electronics on his face. For the hair, I used some green stuff. His color scheme is meant to mimic Wet Suit from the original Mission Brazil.

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