Head: ???
Alternate MASK Head: 25A Cobra Commander
Torso, legs to boot edges: Star Wars- Princess Leia in Ewok village outfit
Arms: Star Wars- Captive Leia
Hands: female Adventure People
Feet/boots: NS Bombstrike
Belt: NS Zarana
Tubes near clavicles: NS Croc Master
Sidearm: ???
Knife: ???


I made another Gloria Baker custom several years ago, but it was before I started lengthening the torsos to correct the proportions. And the arms draped out of the shoulder sockets and were too long. I generally don't take apart and rework existing customs, but I will make new ones from scratch if the first one really isn't what I wanted. I took a second go at VENOM's Cliff Dagger, and Gloria Baker gets another shot, too.

Since my first Gloria Baker custom followed the DiC design, I went another route here. This figure is in a bodysuit. I also included an alternate masked head. Whoever at DiC came up with the collar bone tubes is a genius. I can't quite figure out why, but they give a distinctly feminine vibe to the costume design. Instead of the lower part of the mask (from below the jawline) being removeable, it's sculpted on the neck and shoulders.

Colors & Paint:

The DiC cartoon colors set was yellow, green, and blue. To add some complexity, I've gone with white instead of blue. Blue remains as a punctuation color. The white is a nod to the Kenner figure's submarine car, the Shark.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The neck is cast, set in place, and surrounded by the bottom part of the mask that sits on the shoulders.

The MASK alternate head is a 25A Cobra Commander head with sculpted details over the faceplate. The visor looks a bit more like Cyclops than Gloria Baker, but I was pleased that it turned out more-or-less symmetrical. On the human head, the bangs were added to the forehead. The knife sheath and holster are sculpted.

The Princess Leia arthritis hands were removed and replaced with Adventure People hands. The Princess Leia sandals/feet were removed and replaced with Bombstrike boots.

This figure is a great example of why I like working with junk parts. Except for the human head, every piece here is scrap most customizers wouldn't bother with. But the parts tie together, largely through sculpt and paint work, to make a nice figure. Figuring out how to make parts from different toy lines from different eras is the fun.

Thanks for looking.

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