Head: Stalker (v2) 1989 - modified
Torso: Clutch (v3) 1993
Arms: Heave Duty (v1) 1991 - modified
Waist: Mercer (v1) 1987
Upper legs: Crankcase (v1) 1985
Lower legs: Beachhead (v1) 1986

Quiver: Gnawgahyde (v1) 1989 - modified
Bow: Storm Shadow (v2) 1988

I made the spear and kukri out of wooden skewers, an old credit card and yarn.

Like all my customs, I used Revell acrylic paint.

"Why is there no vintage style version of Shadow Tracker??" a friend asked me the other day. Well... He isn't missing anymore.

Although Shadow Tracker is one of my favorite "characters without an action figure" (i only | "do" o-rings), he is one of my favorites. As soon as I knew how I wanted to make the dreadlockt, it was fair game: I twisted two strings of black yarn and painted it with (black) diluted acryllic paint. After the paint dried, I could cut the "rods" in different lengths and glued those to the holes I drilled in stalker's head. After some modeling and more glue, the result is a "natural" dreadlock look.

I didn't want him to be too modern, with automatic weapons and stuff. His gear was verily easy combined. I always thought, however, that Gnawgahyde's quiver was to high (it bugged me as a kid), so I changed the back pin. I made the straps that hold the spear/kukri and bow out of small tie-wraps. I created the spear and kukri out of wooden skewers and an old credit card for the blades.

As with Kangor, I didn't have the time to create a file card in time.

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