Caucasian skipper:
Head: Clutch v3 (1993)
Torso: Shipwreck v1 (1985)
Arms: Mainframe v1 (1986)
Waist: Mainframe v1 (1986)
Legs: Cutter v1 (1984)

African skipper:
Head: Stretcher v1 (1990) - modified
Torso: Shipwreck v1 (1985)
Arms: Stretcher v1 (1990)
Waist: Tunnelrat v1 (1987)
Legs: Tunnelrat v1 (1987)

Deck crew Yellow:
Head: Backblast v1 (1989)
Torso: Topside v1 (1990)
Arms: Flint v1 (1985)
Waist: Flint v1 (1985)
Legs: Flint v1 (1985)

Deck crew Green:
Head: Backblast v1 (1989) - modified
Torso: Stalker v2 (1989)
Arms: Skidmark v1 (1988)
Waist: Lift-Ticket v1 (1986)
Legs: Lift-Ticket v1 (1986)

Deck crew Red:
Head: Skidmark v1 (1988)
Torso: Topside v1 (1990)
Arms: Flint v1 (1985)
Waist: Alpine v1 (1985)
Legs: Alpine v1 (1985)

The USS Flagg... every lilttle boys dream... uhm... "toy". A friend of mine got one that he proudly displays, but... it only came with one figure! I know Keel-Haul is as bad ass as the come, but seriously... do you really think he was the only one on that ship that did all the work? Of course not! He had entire crew!

I had to do some research on the different tasks people have on an aircraft carrier and decided to use the same colour code as the US army uses: yellow, green and red. I made two skippers, sins Keel-Haul could use some help from time to time.

This was actually my fist commission and I had a lot of fun making them!

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