Head: Indiana Jones- Ugha Warrior
Torso, neck: ROC Storm Shadow
Arms: NS Snake-Eyes
Hands: 25A Beach Head
Legs: ROC Breaker???
Gunbelt: Star Wars- Han Solo
Night vision system: 25A Snake-Eyes (Paine Brothers uniform)
Backpack: 25A Firefly
Sidearm: Marauder ???


Intended as a release in the cancelled wave of Mego's Eagle Force, Gizmo would have been a weapons inventor. The notes on megomuseum.com also describe him as a John Belushi-type madman. The illustration shows a smaller framed character with a sarcastic grin. The character, at least to me, has a bit of a Tunnel Rat vibe- although it predates Tunnel Rat by half a decade.


I used parts that created a slightly shorter figure compared to other 25A figures. With the introduction of the amazing Fresh Monkey Fiction Eagle Force figures, completing my EF sets has lost its initial appeal. Having finished customs off all of Mego's released EF and RIOT figures, plus all of RIOT's unproduced figures, I'm going to stick with it and finish my set. The Firefly backpack is sculpted with all kinds of strange goodness that would supply Gizmo with his ukd's. The ROC Storm Shadow torso is an amazingly diverse one, and I'm always surprised at how well it works for different characters.

Colors & Paint:

Instead of the metallic gold of the Mego figures, a camouflage pattern of tan/yellow/orange. For the unproduced EF figures, I've been a bit more experimental with the camouflaging techniques. Here I used sponge painting. Starting with my Volga custom, I've been painting in the fabric seams to "frame" the camouflage pattern. I like how it works.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The dangling earlobes, hair, and scars were removed from the head. Then the scalp was epoxied smooth. A hole was drilled out for the nvs peg, with the straps added to the head. The rolled-up sleeves and across-the-chest strap were sculpted.

Thanks for looking.

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