Head, torso, waist - Krexx Radek sculpt
Arms - Wild Weasel
Legs - Windchill

Submachine gun - Marauder Inc.

The Devil's Due continuity introduced a new version of the Red Shadows to the GI Joe universe in 2005, led by an ex-ally of Joe Colton named Wilder Vaughn, who I have given the codename of Samael, since everyone in the Joeverse needs a codename. This custom is based on his comic appearances, using custom head, torso and waist sculpts by Krexx Radek. The torso and waist are the same ones used for the Red Shadow trooper, so to differentiate between the two I used some different colouring - Vaughn has black pants instead of red and brown straps, belt and boots instead of black. After deciding on the colours I noticed that this makes Vaughn look quite a bit like one of the versions of General Blitz from the Sgt. Savage line, the leader of the IRON Army. This suggests that in my Joeverse, the Red Shadows might have been an evolution of the IRON Army from World War II.

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