Arms - Low-Light v3
All other parts - Firefly

Rifle - Beach Head v4
Backpack - Beach Head
Satchel - Tunnel Rat

Sabre Tooth was one of the pre-production Tiger Force figures who, along with Rip Cord, Torpedo and Wild Bill did not make it to the actual release. This custom is a largely-faithful reproduction of the original, but I did make some changes. In order to prevent him from being just a repaint of Firefly (like the original was) I swapped out the arms from v3 Low-Light. This was also useful since I had used Firefly arms on my custom Tiger Force Rip Cord, so putting new arms on that Firefly gave me the base for the figure. I made sure to paint the eyebrows more slanted so that the expression doesn't look as passive as many early Joes did.

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