Head: Budo (v1) 1988
Torso: Budo (v1) 1988
Upper arms: Thrasher (v1) 1986
Lower arms: Viper (v3) 1990
Waist: Road Pig (v1) 1988 - modified
Legs: Storm Shadow (v2) 1988

I added faux leather straps to the sheath of the sword, so he can mount the riffle to it.

The flaps on the waist are made of faux leather and stick-on "pearls".

"As ancient tradition commanded, Budo received the family swords at the age of 18. He comes from a long line of the best Samurai warriors Japan has ever known! Or did they? Actually, Budo's clan always operated from the shadows! Eliminating all big threats in utter secrecy, by being highly skilled martial art and sword weiding warriors. And Budo is no exception! He's trained in multiple martial arts at such a level, even Snake Eyes is impressed by his skills.

Now in G.I. Joe's fight against Cobra, the Night Force was in need of (wo)men capable of moving silently in the dark and disrupt and eliminate Cobra's operations for good. As soon as Lt. Falcon posted the job offer, Budo dropped his wrench, started his Harley and drove as fast as he could to apply. Of course, the Night Force welcomed him without any hesitation."

I used this custom to experiment with faux leather as crafting material and I'm very pleased by the results. I think I'll start using it more often! Also was this the first time I really used dry brushing.

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