Head - Snake Eyes v5
Arms, torso, waist, legs - Night Vulture

Rifle - Marauder Inc.
Sword - Snake Eyes v23

I was reading through an old message board thread about characters that were originally designed to be Cobras but were changed to Joes later in the design process, and vice-versa, and someone mentioned that the Cobra Night Vulture looked it could have easily been a new Snake Eyes figure. I can't help but agree, especially since it has nunchuks on its left leg and no mention of martial arts training on the Night Vulture filecard. So I just took a Night Vulture, replaced its head with Ninja Force Snake Eyes, and painted it in some appropriate colours for our favourite ninja commando. Since it started out as a Night Vulture, I decided this was the Night Force version of Snake Eyes. I painted the eyes red to suggest some kind of night vision lens, to go along with the Night Force motif.

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