All parts - Sky Terror (Corps Bio-Wing figure)

Gun - Sea Slug

When I decided to do a version of the Cobra-La Insecticycle, I knew I would need a driver. The obvious chioce would be to use a Nullifier, since that figure was originally going to be Cobra-La, but that character's design lends itself more to an infantry type than a driver to me, and it's probably too big to fit nicely in the Tron lightcycle I used for the Insecticycle. I came across a series of figures by Lanard called the Bio-Wing Battle Squadron, one of which is sufficiently insect-y to fit with the vehicle. All I did was give him a paint job and a weapon, and add a ridge on the top of his head for a little extra flavour.

Cobra-La Creepers share a single mind among them. Or rather, each individual Creeper forms part of the Creeper hivemind. They act as one, as one mind, swarming their enemies with ruthless efficiency. This allows them to react to threats with incredible speed, and to operate their Insecticycles in complex close-quarters maneuvers that befuddle opponents and make them very difficult to defend against.

"Cobra-La Insecticycles are spooky. You'll see a whole pack of them coming at you, and when you activate a defense they react instantly, all at the same time, like they're one creature made up of smaller parts. The only good thing about it is that if you manage to fool one of them, you fool all of them. It's pretty much all-or-nothing with these guys."

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