Head: 25A Lady Jaye w/ Street Fighter-M. Bison cover (cast)
Neck: Retaliation- Roadblock (cast)
Hands/gloves: Star Wars- Darth Maul
Boots: NS BAT
All Else: DCIH- Star Sapphire
Stole: Resolute Cobra Commander
Gunbelt: NS Baroness


The GI Joe Collectors Club Steel Raven figure looks pretty interesting. The GI Joe Extreme cartoon design is about as bland as can be, so, like the GIJCC did, I went my own direction. The Star Sapphire body functions as a bodysuit. The Darth Maul hands/gloves and the BAT boots correct the proportions, and the stole and gunbelt add some gear.

The DCIH proportions can only corrected so much, though. The arms are cheated. They are lengenthed past the correct length, with the wrists further than with the bottom of the torso. To truly fix the proportions, the legs would need to be shortened. But impossibly long legs look dynamic, so they stayed.

I moved the skull design from the center of the officer's cover to the stole, where the Cobra symbol had to be covered.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The eyepatch is sculpted (with painted-on straps). The hands and feet were removed to accept the larger ones. The Cobra symbol on the stole was removed to be replaced with the SKAR logo. The officer's cover is a cast, glued to the top of the head. Extra hair is sculpted to alter the Lady Jaye look.

Colors & Paint:

Between all of the different fractions in the GI Joe world, plus MASK/VENOM and Eagle Force/RIOT, it's hard to come up with color sets that really ring out as their own for a new team. The coppery metallic uniform of the GIJCC figure was very tempting, but this uniform doesn't pull from the it or the cartoon. Instead, Steel Raven wears a metallic charcoal grey uniform with light grey and red for the accoutrements.

To further disguise the Lady Jaye head, I painted the eyepatch straps as the kind that go down below the ear instead of above it. These hide just a bit more of the face.

Thanks for looking.

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