Head - Johnny Cage (Mortal Kombat)
Arms - Dial-Tone v3
Torso, waist - Hollw Point (Built to Rule)
Legs - Frostbite

Carbine - fodder
Cap - Marauder Inc.

I needed a driver for the RAM Mark II, so I took the remains of another custom (an early version of Cool Breeze, before the final version I finished last year), added some new arms and head to arrive at a pretty basic-looking dude to ride a motorcycle. I used the Johnny Cage head since the character is based on MASK's Brad Turner. I haven't done a full file card for him, but I do know that he has mountaineering training and plays rock guitar in his spare time.

File Name: Turner, Bradley G.
Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA
Service Branch: Army
Grade: W-2 (CW2)
Primary MOS: Counterintelligence
Secondary MOS: Rotary-Wing Pilot, Motorcycle Driver and Mechanic

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