All parts - Major Altitude

Helmet - Marauder Inc.
Pistol - unknown

I have a custom version of the Retaliator helicopter that I'm working on. This vehicle is a two-seater, so we need a two-man crew. Updraft is the pilot obviously, which means we need a co-pilot/gunner. Since the Battle Copters released in 1991 are more gimmicks than actual vehicles, I assigned Major Altitude to this role. Or rather, the G.I. Joe formerly known as Major Altitude.

I have a couple of rules when dealing with Joe code names in my universe: no elements of a rank should appear in the code name (otherwise, they'd need a new codename when they get promoted), and no codenames that were used by an earlier character (which is why I changed Sky Patrol's Airborne to Air Raid in my universe, for example). Major Altitude violates at least one of these rules, but in fact the "Major" part of his codename does not refer to his rank, since he's a Chief Warrant Officer, not a Major. (Updraft is a Captain, so it makes sense for him to be the pilot). But that, combined with the fact that Altitude was already used by the Sky Patrol, means Major Altitude needs a new code name. So I call him Airlift.

The custom itself is just a paint update, including a new hair colour. His head was originally Wildcard's, but if you're going to reuse a head you need to make a significant change in some way. The original Major Altitude just looks like Wildcard in a flight suit (now there's a good idea), so I gave him black hair instead as Airlift.

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