Head - Bushido (modified) / Firefly v12
Arms - Armadillo
Torso front- Tripwire
Torso back - Major Bludd
Waist, legs - Storm Shadow (Black Major casting)

Swords - Marauder Inc.

In a number of issues in the 120s of the Marvel comic, a group of Red Ninjas appeared who were led by a warlord, once referred to as the Red Master. Ultimately it was revealed that the Red Master was actually Firefly. This custom represents the Red Master both before and after the reveal, which is accomplished with a simple head swap. I had an established recipe for a Red Ninja, which formed the starting point. Knowing I would be using a Firefly head, I would need a 1983-84 era torso with some body armor on the front and back. Tripwire was the obvious choice, but his back isn't actually fully armored. But Major Bludd, whose front torso isn't as good for this figure as Tripwire, is fully armored on the back. So I decided to use Tripwire's front torso and Major Bludd's back. The Red Master head is Bushido - I did some precision Dremelling to cut the neck down to a swivel joint.

It took a bit of work to get the two torso pieces to mate. Most of it was just trimming edges, and the bottom of the back piece needed to be cut down a bit to fit in the waist. I also had to shave the texture off the straps on the back to match the front, and modify the front to make it have side straps that meet up with the back, all done with a craft knife. Other than the heads and torso, the rest of the figure is the same as my established Red Ninja custom.

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