All parts - Hawk

Backpack, helmet - Grunt (accessory pack versions)
Machine gun - Marauder Inc.

Redmack is one of the famous Argentinian-exclusive figures released in that country in the late 1980s. He was a recolour of Hawk, so that's the route I went, though I didn't try to replicate the original exactly. For those not familiar with the character, here's a translation of his filecard from the original Spanish:

"It was not easy for Redmack to earn a spot with the Resolute Commandos. Raised from a very young age by the natives of the Rocky Mountains, whose quiet demeanor and permanent silence infuses their members with a strange untrustworthiness. But Redmack asked for an opportunity, and so great was his ability to blend in with his surroundings, and to remain motionless for days, that not only was he able to evade Cobra Commander in his own territory, but to inflict a heavy defeat on him."

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