Head & Fore Arms - 50th Destro
Chest & Skirt - Indiana Jones German Motorcycle Driver
Upper Arms & Legs - SW Death Star Trooper
Boots - Retaliation HISS Tank Cobra Commander

I really liked the idea from Rise of Cobra of MARS Industry being a legit business selling weapons to the U.S. Government, but also secretly selling to Cobra.

However, I would play this off as "James McCullen" being the face of MARS, while "Destro" being the face of the Iron Grenadiers. This way neither side knows that they are in fact being played by the same weapons supplier. I don't read the comics, so I don't know if this angle has been explored in the comics or not. However, it could make for an interesting plot twist to have Baroness in a love triangle with "James McCullen" and "Destro," without her knowing they are the same person!

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