Helmet - Dusty
Head - MIB Agent J
Torso - Kwinn
Fore Arms - ROC Heavy Duty
Legs - Life Line
Accessories - 25th Doc, POC Artic Doc

I've always liked Doc. I guess the idea of a Joe throwing snow balls as a weapon, or tackling Destro (Marvel Issue #11) really made Doc stand out.

I think Hasbro messed up on his file card though. They list Doc's 2nd MOS as "Chaplain's Assistant" which is basically a gun-toting bodyguard for a Chaplain. Yet, Doc is portrayed as a non-combatant. How can he be a non-combatant when he's suppose to protect a Chaplain?

Well, given his rank of Captain and his non-combatant status, it makes more sense if Doc's 2nd MOS was actually a Chaplain (Chaplain's are assigned an officer's rank).

I'm not entirely happy with the legs. I may swap them out with Renegades Tunnel Rat later on.

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