Head: Vintage Barbecue
Torso, upper arms, accessories: 25th Barbecue
Lower arms: Retaliation GI Joe Trooper
Upper legs: 50th Outback
Lower legs: 50th HEAT Viper

I remember seeing Barbecue for the first time in the old Marvel comic issue 41. It was one of a handful of issues that I had as a kid. It is still one of my favorites. In it, the Joes attack Cobra Island to kick Cobra out before it gets recognized as sovereign territory. Barbecue plays a small but memorable (at least to a kid) role. He uses his fireman's axe to smash the glass canopy on a HISS tank and take out the driver.

For my custom, I knew I needed to re-use the 25th torso and accessories, but looked at surrounding it with better parts. I kept the upper arms as they are well detailed, have good articulation (with a little trimming) and have the logo on the shoulder that I wanted to keep. After that, I tried to pick modern parts that had similar characteristics to achieve the vintage look. I went back and forth for the head. And finally settled on dremeling the vintage one. I have never been satisfied with the 25th version. Finally, I have a version of Barbecue that reflects the vintage version well and is not a Snow Job repaint.

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