Head, arms, torso, waist - Wild Bil v4
Upper legs - Beach Head v2
Lower legs - Recoil

Rifle - Cobra Trooper v2

In my Joeverse, I use Wild Bill as the link between Mego's Eagle Force (which has a very similar theme to GI Joe) and the Joes. That is, our favourite cowboy Mr. Hardy served under Captain Eagle in the Eagle Force before joining GI Joe. This means I had to take some significant liberties with the Eagle Force version of the character, since other than sharing a code name and both being cowboys, they aren't all that similar. But the adaptation was called for in order to bring Eagle Force into the Joe universe. I see it as a paramilitary organization that arose after the original GI Joe left the military to operate the Adventure Team, which left a hole to be filled by the Eagle Force. After a couple of years they disbanded (possibly due to lack of funding to reflect the fate of Mego), but their successes encouraged the US military to create the GI Joe team.

File Name: Hardy, William S.
Birthplace: Brady, TX
Service Branch: Army
Grade: W-3 (CW3)
Primary MOS: Rotary-Wing Pilot
Secondary MOS: Infantryman

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