Head - Red Star
Arms - Lifeline v2
Torso - Sci-Fi v2
Waist - Rock 'n Roll v2
Legs - Low-Light v4

Rifle, cap - Marauder Inc.

Relampago ("Lightning") is a Brazilian Python Patrol figure that I did a custom version of last year. His filecard reveals that he was initially a member of the Joe team, specifically Tiger Force. So of course that led to me wanting a custom of Lightning in his Tiger Force days. I didn't want to just paint another Ripcord in Tiger Force colours - especially there is a pre-production version of Tiger Force Ripcord that I've already done a custom of. So instead I dug through my fodder to piece together a figure. The Red Star head had the right hair colour (based on my version of Python Patrol Relampago), and bears more than a passing resemblance to Ripcord, with a nasty scowl thrown in (very traitorous). The rest of the parts came together pretty quickly, with the Lifeline v2 arms being used to have some authentic Tiger Force-ness included.

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