All parts - Ferret

Personal defence weapon - Marauder Inc.

Destro and his Iron Grenadiers sport a very strong colour palette: red, black and gold. This allows for some very striking uniforms for his troops, and complement Destro's v2 outfit well. I have been repainting Destro's forces (Annihilator, TARGAT, Undertow, Voltar, Wild Boar) in order to achieve a more consistent look for them, and that includes the DEMON driver as well. This was mostly to make the red a deeper shade to match the other figures, but also to add some painted details that were left off of the original. You'll notice that I have named this figure Polecat instead of the original Ferret - the reason for this is that there is already an earlier Ferret in the Joeverse (the Cobra ATV) and I want everything to have a unique name.

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