Head, hands: Marauder MTF
Torso: Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes
Arms: Retaliation Ultimate Flint
Legs, belt: DG Duke
Web gear: 25th Rock & Roll
Weapon: Vintage R&R
Helmet: Vintage Battle Gear
Collar: POC Steel Brigade

I did not have Rock & Roll as a kid. I don't remember seeing him on store pegs, although I was probably just focusing on other characters. I remember him mostly for his Sunbow appearances as well as the role he played in issue 11 of the original Marvel run. In that issue, he gets tricked by Snow Job into going on a date with Gung Ho's high-fashion model sister.

The 25th version of Rock & Roll was lacking in my opinion. The head is tiny, the arms are slit, the sleeves are not rolled up and the color is bland. My custom addresses all of these issues. It is a straight-forward use of my established OG13 recipe. I used Ultimate Flint's arms to finally give R&R the proper rolled-up sleeves.

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