Head, hands: Marauder MTF
Torso, legs: DG Duke
Arms: Retaliation Ultimate Flint
Vest: 25th Clutch
Helmet: Vintage Battle Gear

As a kid, I remember a friend on my street that had the VAMP and Clutch. We played GI Joes together often, so I got to play with his toys. Because of this, I never really wanted one of my own and my birthday and Christmas lists included other toys that I did not have. Clutch was a pretty important character in both the Sunbow series as well as the comic run and I remember him from both.

The 25th version was not bad at the time, but is dated now. He has a decent sized head; his boots are perfect for all OG13 characters and his vest is spot on for the vintage one. However, he suffers from Duke wrists and has a drab color. For my custom, I re-used the vest and changed out all the other parts to better match his vintage look. Marauder's bearded head makes for the perfect Clutch and the vintage helmet fits perfectly on it as well.

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