Head: Marvel Black Widow
Torso: Resolute Scarlett
Upper arms: RoC Baroness
Legs, lower arms: 25th Scarlett

I never had a Scarlett figure when I was a kid and I don't remember seeing her in stores either. My attention was focused on the army men type figures like Grunt, Zap and Short-Fuze and figures with cool accessories like Tripwire and Snow Job. My memories of Scarlett were from the Sunbow cartoon where she played a prominent role.

Scarlett is one of the figures that are the most in need of a good update. Each version of her since the 25th has had flaws in my opinion. The 25th is hunched, Resolute had an awful head, Rise of Cobra has the wrong uniform, etc. For my custom, I tried to take the best pieces from each version to make a best version. I like what I came up with for now, but I believe that there will still be room for improvement in the future.

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