Head: POC Snake Eyes
Torso: Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes
Arms: DG Duke
Upper leg Right: RoC Eel
Upper Leg Left: DG Snake Eyes
Lower legs: 25th Flash
Web gear, satchel: 25th Snake Eyes
Weapon: POC Snake Eyes
Collar: POC Steel Brigade

I don't remember ever seeing Snake Eyes on store pegs and I never had the original figure as a kid. My memories of the character are mostly from the cartoon, especially the scene when he locks himself in the radioactive cave to save the other Joes. I also remember when he faces off against Kwinn in issue 12 of the original Marvel comic. That issue was one of only a few that I had as a kid.

Snake Eyes was not on the top of my list to update as we got the ultimate version of him during the Pursuit of Cobra line. However, that version differs quite a bit from his original 1982 look and I wanted my OG13 shelf to be consistent. The original figure had different legs from the rest of the Joes, so that was the only real difference in the custom recipe.

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