Head, torso, upper arms, vest, gauntlets, backpack: 50th Alpine
Legs: PoC Cobra Trooper
Gun, grappling gun, grappling hooks: 1985 Alpine
Lower arms, hands: 30th Stalker

I acquired Alpine in 1986. I was 9 at the time. My parents brought my sister and I on a day-trip to do some shopping across the border in the US. This did not happen often, so when it did, it was a treat. Short-Fuse, my first ever GI Joe was acquired during such a trip, and now it happened again. This time, the bounty was Alpine, Footloose, Snake Eyes v2, Snow Serpent and the Snow Cat with Frostbite. I was thrilled with my new additions to my team. I retrospect, these were among the last Joes I would get as a kid. I would get a few more figures, but the Snow Cat was my last vehicle. I was slowly growing out of them.

I loved Alpine. Everything from uniform colors and his accessories. He often scaled my bedroom dressers to attack secret Cobra bases on my shelves. He always found ways of bypassing enemy defenses thanks to his climbing gear.

The 25th figure is a very respectable effort for the time. However, it does have some aspects that could be improved on, so I started there.

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