Head - Stalker v2
Arms - Gen. Flagg
Torso - Rampart
Waist, legs - Dusty v3

Kayak - Stalker v2 (modified)
Rifle, submachine gun - Marauder Inc.

I was thinking of doing ARAH customs of various Action Force characters, and decided to start with Beaver, since he's Canadian as I am. When I was working on him, however, I hit on the idea of instead doing three-packs of customs from countries around the world (other than the US, of course), starting with Canada. Each one would be based on some aspect of the real-world military for the country in question. So here we have Beaver, who in this context becomes a Patrol Pathfinder. You'll notice he's armed with what might appear to be an M16A3 assault rifle. That's an optical illusion, it's actually a Colt Canada C7A1 assault rifle.

Canadian Army Patrol Pathfinders (PPF) have training in precision paradrops, insertion and extraction techniques, pathfinder operations, survival techniques, waterborne operations, and marking and securing drop zones, landing zones, beach heads and air strips. They're the first into hostile territory, setting the stage for other forces to arrive.

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