Head - Salvo
Arms - Tripwire
Torso - Shockwave
Waist, legs - Barbecue

Flamethrower, backpack, hose - Dragonsky v2
Mask - Bullhorn

Good-guy groups are useless without some bad guys to fight. GI Joe has Cobra, and Eagle Force has RIOT, the Roving International Organization of Tyranny, which makes me glad that Hasbro didn't try to come up with a backronym for Cobra (the Callous Organization of Bullies, Ruffians and Anarchists?) At any rate, Beta Man is a guy who would fit right in with some off the less refined Cobra operators, what with his penchant for setting things on fire and all. I gave him a fire-retardant silver vest to break up the all-red look of the original.

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