Head - fodder
Arms - Hardball
Torso - Cobra Officer
Waist - Frostbite
Upper legs - Snow Job
Lower legs - Armadillo

Rifle - Russian Soldier (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)

The Shock Trooper is the RIOT version of the Cobra soldier, the nameless legions of ne'er-do-wells who provide cannot fodder for the Joes. I used a metallic paint for the uniform to tie the figure to its roots. Here's how the file card might read:

General Mamba is well-financed and his private are is made up of mercenaries from all parts of the world, seeking power and money. The nameless legions of RIOT are skilled in the use of explosives and all NATO and Warsaw Pact small arms, but primarily use the AK-47 assault rifle.

"The RIOT shock troopers are whipped into a fanatical frenzy by General Mamba, and they are extremely dangerous and absolutely loyal to their leader...at least, until things start to go badly, of course."

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