Hat w/ Goggle - Avac's Lab Rev. Hat w/ MTF Goggles
Head, Helmet/Mask, Upper Body, Vest, Feet - 25th Mutt
Legs - DG Shipwreck w/ MTF holster & BBi pocket
Weapons - Mac-10, Pistol, & MTF knife/sheath

Never had a Mutt & Junkyard as a kid. So I'm not as emotionally connected to the characters as some fans. This is why as soon as I get my black K9 from the Marauder's Kickstarter, I'm swapping out the Rottweiler statue with a fully-articulated German Shepherd.

Mutt is more of a parts upgrade. Swapped out the 25th Mutt legs with DG Shipwreck. Little painting to legs, pelvis, and knee pads. Gave Mutt some better articulated MTF big hands.

Added an alternate look with Avac's Lab Revolution cap w/ MTF goggles. Marvel #26 depicts Mutt with a ball cap w/ goggles, and I've always liked this look.

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