Head - A: Outback (modified), B: Muskrat (modified), C: custom-cast
Arms - Crankcase
Torso - Iron Grenadier (modified)
Waist - Action Marine
Legs - Iron Grenadier

Assault rifle, submachine gun - Marauder Inc.
Recoiless rifle - Marauder Inc. (modified)
Knife - Alley Viper II v8
Backpack - Leatherneck

In Marvel Special Missions #23, the Joes go into the jungles of Sierra Gordo on a covert mission. They run up against some of Destro's Iron Grenadiers in the field who had clearly been there awhile. Previously ForceFull1 did some customs of those Iron Grenadiers (and came up with the name Iron Guerilla), and I thought it was such a good idea I had to do my own. I did the same three so they could have been a three-pack, but to make sure they weren't just copies, I did four things differently: used different head, a different waist piece, added some modifications to the torso (web gear and collar to match the comics), and instead of doing three full figures I did three heads and one body. This was done at least in part because I don't have much in the way of spare Iron Grenadier parts. I also made sure to give them a variety of weapons, as seen in the comic.

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