Head sculpt 1
MTF Valkyrie French braid head
Avac's Lab flex-resin hair
ROC Baroness glasses

Head sculpt 2
MTF Valkyrie French braid head
Book Work glasses

Head sculpt 3
MU Alpha Flight Aurora head
Vortious Customs (Dr Jones) glasses

In my Joeverse, I envision the Baroness as sort of born into the Cobra Legion (rather than being recruited) which explains why she's the only female officer in the ranks.

I love having multiple versions of my favorite characters, so I wanted different head sculpt for Baroness. The 50th body sculpt is just about a perfect modern update to the ARAH figure. I plan to make more body variants (blue, red, etc.) of the 50th body.

I really like how clear the Book Worm glasses are, but I'm afraid they may give Baroness too much of a librarian look (or do they?!).

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