Helmet: cobra1678 custom
Head: Resolute Cobra Trooper
Upper Body: 50th Viper Officer
Legs: Retaliation Firefly
Hands: Swivel joint random fodder
Vest: POC Cobra Shock Trooper

I like the code name Motor Viper better than the generic "the Enemy." However, I prefer the Blue Shirt design of Cobra Troops.

This guy was inspired by HissHissFangFan's awesome reimagined Cobra customs. Basically, just a parts swap. I didn't change out the hands because I thought the swivel/rocker hands looked strange with the arm gauntlets. I gave the entire body a wash in dark grey to try to blend the two shades of grey together.

The helmet is from ebay seller cobra1678. It's this cool POC Cobra helmet with a raised Officer insignia all molded together.

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