Head: Star Wars- Padme
Chest/back (to hipline): Star Wars- Princess Leia in Ceremony attire
Arms, waist (from hipline), legs: Star Wars- Greeda
Hands: Star Wars- Anakin Skywalker
Feet: Star Wars- Lyn Me
Mask/hose: 25A Torpedo
Backpack, light: ARAH Wetsuit
Utility belt: NS Bombstrike
Knife: ???
Flippers: 25A Cobra Diver
Pistol: Star Wars- ???


Introduced in 2015 as a GI Joe Collectors' Club exclusive, Captain Solarin (released as "Undertow Officer") oversees Destro's elite frogmen. This custom fills the character slot in my collection.


Using fodder from the junk parts bin, this figure puts Captain Solarin in a texturized wetsuit by way of the Greeda parts. The frog-like Greeda hands and feet had to be replaced. In my use of junk parts, I sometimes create customs with only four or five points of articulation. I considered swapping in knees and elbows from other figures, but they wouldn't have matched the skin texture, so that idea got shelved.

With only four points of articulation, you might consider this more of a statue than an action figure. In that light, I drew some inspiration from the Sideshow Mythos Polystone Obi-Wan Kenobi. As that statue has Obi-Wan loaded down with gear, I'd tried to do the same here. I used the larger Wetsuit scuba backpack, when the smaller Torpedo one would have worked just fine. The backpack is lugging around the flippers and scuba mask. This is Captain Solarin "out of the water" and on the hunt.

Colors & Paint:

The texturized areas are black, with the chest area in grey. An all-black wetsuit would have looked better, but the chest/back didn't have the texture of the arms and legs. And some red and gold here and there to keep the Iron Grenadiers motif. There is an appeal to the bronze weapons that the GIJCC is fond of making. I've painted weapons to match the odd not-full-metallic golden tan before, but pushed the color to full gold on the gear since this is an IG character.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The Padme hair was removed and replaced with sculpted hair. The shoulder sockets were reworked to accept the Greeda arms. The Greeda hands were removed and replaced with Anakin Skywalker ones. The Princess Leia torso was cut at the hip line, with the Greeda waist and legs added. The Greeda feet were removed and replaced with the Lyn Me ones. The knife sheath and torso straps are sculpted. The Wetsuit backpack is oversized against the body, and wouldn't fit correctly below the hips, so the bottom of it was chopped off at an angle.

Thanks for looking.

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