Head, helmet: Marauder Task Force
Torso, arms: 50th Chuckles
Legs: Retaliation Kwinn
Holster: Retaliation Colton
Rope bundle: 50th Storm Shadow
Backpack: 50th Lowlight

This custom was made for PHX Customs GI Joe Resurgence Adventure Team project in Summer 2018.

Quickdraw started his existence as Crayfish, the Swamp Adventurer. It was one of the first figures I assembled for this project. I knew that we would get to all the traditional Adventurers - Air, Sea, Land, etc - so I started in an environment that does not have an Adventure Team specialist yet. His build is simple. I elected to keep Chuckles' printed shirt as is since it's the kind of clothing that would be worn in warmer areas like the Florida Keys. I had planned on painting up a swamp boat for him and he was searching for DeLeon's lost treasure.

The swamp boat never got finished, so when we started putting the whole project together, the swamp setting was changed to a mountain mission. I decided to re-purpose Crayfish. I swapped his boonie hat for a climbing helmet and he got some new gear. He became Quickdraw, the Mountain Adventurer.

Filecard courtesy of doe138.

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