Head: '82 Grand Slam
Chest/back: '82 Clutch
Arms: '86 Beach Head
Waist, upper legs: '86 Mainframe
Lower legs: '84 Roadblock

Character & Design:

The MOBAT probably would have had a crew of three or four. An original character made up of early to mid-run ARAH parts, Forward is a MOBAT driver. This could be considered an unseen character always floating around back in the 80's, or a new character for today. I suppose it depends on how you feel about static timelines in fiction and such. The Clutch chest and Grand Slam head visually lock the figure in with the first batch of ARAH figures to link it to the MOBAT or other first wave vehicles.

Colors & Paint:

The uniform color is matched to Steeler's. Apple green for the base uniform, black for the accoutrements, and gold for the t-shirt and gear. The Grand Slam/Grunt/Zap head never got an American release with blonde hair, so here's one. Like many of the early head sculpts, it doesn't have ears so much as ambiguous spaces where ears should be. To improve this, ear details are painted in.

Steeler's gold was probably Hasbro's attempt to indicate that he was an officer. It might not fit with Forward, an enlisted man, but I kept it to keep uniform cohesion between the MOBAT crew members.

Sculpting & Modifying:

I cheated a bit on the head by moving the hairline forward with a touch of epoxy sculpting. It shows what Grunt/Zap/Grand Slam might have looked like before the hairline started retreating. The crotch is repaired. The back shoulder rivets, elbow rivets, and thigh screw insets are epoxied smooth.

Thanks for looking.

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