Head: Retaliation Snake Eyes
Torso: ROC Snake Eyes
Arms, legs, belts, bandolier: Retaliation Ultimate Snake Eyes
Uzi, sword: 25th Snake Eyes
Timber: Retaliation Ultimate Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes v2 was my first and only version of the character that I had a kid. Since I grew up mostly with the Sunbow cartoon and had very few issues of the comic, Snake Eyes was not more important than any other character in my stories. However, I had one comic issue that I loved - number 55 "Unmaskings". In it, a team of Joes rescue Snake Eyes (disguised as Flint) from a Terrordrome only to have him make a heroic stand to help them escape. That issue left a lasting impression and made this version of the ninja commando my favorite.

The Retaliation Ultimate Snake Eyes figure is a really solid one. It is by far the best representation of version 2 of the character. However, there were a few things that I thought could be improved. I felt that the torso was too long and slick, so I swapped it for a shorter one. Also, the head was the movie one, so I swapped that part out as well. Lastly, I repainted the gray parts to a darker gray including the visor.

For Timber, I repainted the Ultimate version from white to light gray to better match the original toy.

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