head - zartan
body - temple tracker spirit
press and stay scrap booking borders - spring bliss
separated to the vine and grass segments
marvel legends build a figure absorbing man wood and rock arms

based off the character by the same name from Toxic Crusaders

Major Deviastation -

Major Evergreen was a master at environmental warfare and natural camouflage - often being able to make entire battalions disappear from sky and ground recon using nothing but the environment they where deployed into. In the last mission before he disappeared he was tracking some sort of creature in swamplands when he fell in into a radioactive sludge dumping site. Much later he emerged from the bog transformed, taking on the elemental properties of the components he was in contact with in the sludge. His bones are now made of stone, bleeds chlorophyll muscles and skin made of vines and bark. He is currently under observation of Earth Corps Eco-Force commander Hooker to see if there is a connection to the Inhumanoid threat.

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