Head: Will Smith Men in Black
Torso, arms: 50th Hit & Run (modified)
Left thigh: 50th Cobra Officer
Right thigh and lower legs: DG Shipwreck
Helmet, flare launcher, stretcher: Vintage Doc

A friend of mine gave me a couple of his Joes when he got tired of them when we were kids. That is how I ended up with Doc and Major Bludd. These were not figures that I would have bought with my allowance or put on a birthday wish list. Unfortunately, he did not take very good care of his toys. So, I had most of a Doc as a kid. The figure was intact, but worn and he gave me a chewed-up stretcher and a broken flare launcher. Doc did not get much use in my GI Joe play. His joints were so loose that he could not stand up, so he usually ended up being the first casualty in firefights. That way he could just lay there on the battlefield while the action happened all around him.

For my custom, I wanted to recreate the original toy as closely as possible. I went back and forth for the torso. At first, I thought about using the Kwinn torso, but looking at the original figure, Doc had more pockets and his collar was different so I modified a 50th Hit & Run torso. I think it looks more like the original now.

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