Head: Marvel Universe Aurora
Body: MU Gamora
Hands: PoC Storm Shadow
Helmet: NASCAR knockoff
Vest: Han Solo

Real name - Annie O'Loiter
Code name: Cheetah
"Oh, you don't have a shielded warp engine? Good luck with that.

Hey, what are doing?! That's a bumper not a claw! Oh come on, how can you have rocket boosters without rockets?! No, no, no, that's a GPS not a targeting device! Whoa! No one said anything about pre-race scanners!"

Cheetah was pulled from the ranks of the Iron Grenadier Annihilators because of her competitiveness and mean streak. She is known in the RamJet circuit and liked by her fans for skirting the rules whenever possible to get an edge on her fellow racers. She pilots the M.A.R.S. sponsored #1 Iron Griffin RamJet bike.

I'm really happy with the way her helmet turned out. I was able to superimpose Destro's IG face on the faceshield like you see skulls on helmets and then have his face flow back with flames.

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