Head - Custom-cast
Arms, torso, waist - Snow Serpent v2
Legs - Snow Serpent

Backpack, tools - Techno-Viper
Snow shoes - Snow Serpent (accessory pack version)

For my Cobra Zero Station, I needed an appropriate pack-in figure or two. A custom Snow Serpent would have worked fine, but to go a little further than that I developed an arctic version of the Techno-Viper to fit the station dual role of military installation and research post. The head is a custom-cast piece which adds a Techno-Viper's helmet to a Snow Serpent mask, and is therefore clearly intended for a figure just like this. I used a Snow Serpent v2 upper body but switched out the legs for the original version's. The accessory pack version of the Snow Serpent snow shoes work really well here, both because they match the blue colours.

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